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Der Zonda R wurde von Grund auf neu konzipiert, nur 10 Prozent der Zonda F Komponenten übernommen. Es verfügt über 6.0L V12 von Mercedes AMG Geschäftsbereich, aus dem CLK GTR-Rennwagen abgeleitet. Power wird mit über Pagani erste Paddel-Schaltgetriebe behandelt werden.

Der Radstand wuchs um 47 mm gewachsen, die Gesamtlänge von 394 mm, und die Kette wird von 50 mm erhöht. Die Karosserie und Aerodynamik modifiziert worden, um maximalen Abtrieb bieten. Viel der Zonda R aus Kohlenstofffaser-und Titan-Mix konstruiert, was nur ein 2,360 Pfund Leergewicht.

Die zentrale Monocoque des Zonda R aus einer Carbon-Titan-Verbundstoff, Erhöhung der Steifigkeit und reduziert deutlich das Gewicht. Der Mercedes AMG 6.0 Liter-V12-Motor abgeleitet Rennen, mit 750 PS und 710 Nm Drehmoment wird direkt auf dem Chassis montiert. Eine direkte Gasbetätigung über mechanische Kabel sorgt für sofortige Gasannahme.

Das Magnesium Xtrac Getriebe Gangwechsel führt in weniger als 20 ms. Anpassen der Einstellungen während der Fahrt ist über den 12-Wege-Bosch Motorsport Traktionskontrolle und ABS-System möglich. Der Zonda R läuft auf großen Pirelli P Zero hinten 335/30/20 Reifen und 255/35/19 vorderen Gummi.

Die 1,070 kg Zonda R werden Sie von katapultieren 0 zu 100 km / h in 2,7 Sekunden. Die Höchstgeschwindigkeit liegt bei 350 km/h. Die Brembo-Carbon-Keramik-Bremsen sorgen für das Auto zum Stillstand kommt noch schneller.

Der Zonda R ist in einer limitierten Auflage von integrierten 10 Autos und zu einem Preis der verkauften 1.460.000 Euro plus Steuern.

The project began at the request of an Italo-American customer called Benny Caiola enthusiast and proud owner of three Zondas.

Zonda R

Zonda R
Manufacturer Pagani
Produktion 2009–2011 (15 produziert)
Designer Horacio Pagani
Body and chassis
Class Track Day Car
Body style 2-door coupé
Layout Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Related Pagani Huayra
Motor 6.0 L M120 AMG V12
Übertragung Xtrac 672 6-speed sequential manual
Radstand 2,785 Millimeter (109.6 in)
Länge 4,886 Millimeter (192.4 in)
Width 2,014 Millimeter (79.3 in)
Höhe 1,141 Millimeter (44.9 in)
Curb weight 1,070 kg (2,359 Pfund)(dry weight)

Despite sharing much of the Zonda’s shape, the R is almost entirely new, sharing only 10% of the Zonda F’s components. It has been obliquely suggested by Horacio Pagani that this car is a testbed chassis for certain components of the Zonda’s replacement, the Pagani Huayra (in the same vein as the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione and the successive F40) and that the Zonda R accurately reflects some of the Huayra’s features. Nur 15 Zonda R were produced.The Zonda R debuted at the Geneva Motor Show 2007, using the 6.0 litre V12 M120 engine sourced from the race version of the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR. The Zonda R’s competition lies with track-based cars, such as the Ferrari FXX and Maserati MC12 Corsa rather than the original Zonda’s road competitors as it is not road-homologated.


The Pagani Zonda R has a top speed of 218 mph (350.8 km/h), accelerates to 0 zu 60 mph (0.0 zu 96.6 km/h) in less than 2.7 Sekunden, can brake from 60 zu 0 mph (96.6 zu 0.0 km/h) in 96.0 ft (29.3 m), and corners at 1.62g.


The central carbon chassis incorporates a roll cage and a rubber racing fuel cell with 4 fuel pumps and quick refuel filler cap, similar to GT race cars. The wheelbase has been increased by 47 Millimeter (1.9 in) to increase stability. The front and rear subframes are brand-new, built to accommodate new suspension geometry, and produced in Avional. The slick-shod wheels are new forged-magnesium center-lock models, which in conjunction with on-board pneumatic airjacks (again, like the FXX) allow rapid change of the entire wheel assemblies.

The car senses, displays and logs information about the amount of down-force that is generated at each wheel at all times. It is thought that this system will enable owners to adjust set-up according to track conditions and to improve their cornering technique.


Pagani Zonda R

In addition to the wheelbase increase (47 Millimeter), overall length has increased by 394 Millimeter (15.5 in) and track by 50 Millimeter (2.0 in). The bodywork and aerodynamics have been altered to offer maximum down-force, featuring a longer front bonnet with flaps, a closed underbody and a new rear overhang with adjustable rear wing and race-derived diffuser. These are intended to translate into increased aerodynamic efficiency and down-force for maximum cornering speed. It is also noted that the car’s new rear bodywork is minimal in the extreme, being composed mostly of vent. This is thought to be symptomatic of the need to keep the engine cool enough, even under hard track use. Again, this is similar to the gutted bodywork of the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione.


Zonda R engine (Mercedes-Benz M120 AMG)

Output has increased to 750 PS (552 kW; 740 PS) bei 7500 Drehzahl und 710 N·m (524 Pfund·ft) Drehmoment. A lightweight carbon fibre high performance intake system, racing multiple disc centered clutch and Formula One-style exhaust system, hydroformed in Inconel 625 and ceramic coated for optimal heat dissipation, have been added. The AMG-built engine is mated to a 6-speed longitudinally-mounted manual sequential synchronized gearbox.


The car’s interior is spartan, reflecting the car’s racetrack aspirations and intended home, and features seats customized to the driver to offer maximum support. As before, the Digitek instrumentation provides essential information and the sophisticated telemetry allows a variety of sensors to monitor numerous aspects of the car.


On 30 Juni 2010, Pagani claimed a new record for production-based cars using the Pagani Zonda R and completing the Nürburgring in 6:47, beating the Ferrari 599XX.[31]

Zonda R Evolución

The Zonda R Evolución is an updated version of the Zonda R. It features many changes over the previous Zonda R. Also the car takes many pieces and inspirations from the Zonda 760RS. It is finished in pearl white with exposed carbon-fibre on the nose. The 6.0L V12 engine is uprated to 800 PS. The body work is still the same, but has improved aerodynamics. It features a bigger air spliter above the two standard air spliter on the front bumper and a pair of small splitter on the sides of rear bumper. A bigger rear central fin — even bigger than the 760 series Zondas — and a small spoiler added below the standard Zonda R spoiler improves aerodynamics and increases down-force.

Pagani Zonda R videos

Zonda RS Straßenzulassung Zonda R

Pagani Zonda R Horacio Black Edition

Zonda Revolution (Nur Produktion 5 Straßenzulassung Autos auf Basis von Zonda R)

EngineMMercedes-Benz AMG – M120 – 12 Zylinder V 60 °, 48 Ventile; Verschiebung 5987 CCM, Trocken sumpMax. PowerCv / rpm: 800/8.000Max. TorqueNm / rpm: 730/5.800Stroke80,20 mmBore89,00 mmTraction control12 Bühnen – Bosch Motorsport Traktionskontrolle systemIntakeSingle Drosselklappen, mechanisch operatedExhaust systemHydroformed Inconel, Keramik coatedTransmissionLongitudinal Mittelmotor; Hinterradantrieb mit Selbsthemmung differentialGearboxXTRAC 672 maßgeschneiderte Magnesiumgehäuse Getriebe, 6 Geschwindigkeit sequenzielles Hundegangwechsel mit Automac Technik AMT systemCarbon Keramik brakes4 CCMR belüftet Brembo Scheiben, hydraulische Servobremse; 12 Bühne – Bosch Motorsport Rennen ABSDiscsFront 380×34 Millimeter 6 Kolben-Bremssattel; Rück 380×34 Millimeter 4 Kolben caliperWheelsForged Legierung APP Räder; 19"Vor, 20"RearTyresPirelli P Zero Zonda Revolution: Front 255/35/19; rear 335/30/20 – Front 255/645 / R19; hinten 335/705 / R20Suspensions4 unabhängige Räder mit doppelten Dreieckslenker; Beschläge Avional Querlenker; Stabschraubenfedern und einstellbaren Öhlins Schock absorbersStructureCentral Kohlenstoff-Titan-Chassis ziehen, Engine ist ein tragendes Element; vorne und hinten Cr Mo Space Frames; Karosserie Kohlefaser MD SystemDimensionsLength 4886 Millimeter; Width 2014 Millimeter; height 1141 Millimeter; Radstand 2785 Millimeter; Trockengewicht 1070 kgSafetyRoll Käfig in Cr-Mo-Stahl; Kohlefaser-Sitze HANS kompatibel; Fünf-Punkte-harnessPerformance0-100 km / h in 2,6 secTop Geschwindigkeit> 350 km / hWeight-to-Power ratio1,34 kg / PS


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