599 GTO for sale only 599 producido.

599 GTO for sale only 599 producido.
The Ferrari 599 (internal code F141) is an Italian sports car produced by Ferrari. It was the brand’s two-seat flagship, replacing the 575M Maranello in 2006 as a 2007 model, and was replaced for the 2013 model year by the F12 berlinetta.

Styled by Pininfarina under the direction of Ferrari’s Frank Stephenson, la 599 GTB debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in February 2006. It is named for its total engine displacement (5999 cc), Gran Turismo Berlinetta nature, and the Fiorano Circuit test track used by Ferrari.

On 8 Abril 2010, Ferrari anunció los detalles oficiales de la 599 GTO. The car is a road-going version of the 599XX and at the time Ferrari claimed that the 599 GTO was their fastest ever road car, podido rodar el circuito de pruebas de Fiorano en 1 minuto,en 24 segundo, one second faster than the Ferrari Enzo. Su motor produce 670 PS (493 kW; 661 CV) en 8250 rpm, con 620 N·m (460 lb·ft) de par a 6500 rpm. Ferrari afirma que el 599 GTO puede alcanzar 100 km/h (62 mph) en menos 3.3 segundos y alcanza una velocidad máxima de más de 335 km/h (208 mph).
At 1,605 kilogramos (3,538 lb), la 599 GTO pesa casi 100 kg (220 lb) menor que el GTB estándar.
La producción es limitada a 599 coches. Of these, approximately 125 fueron producidos para el mercado de Estados Unidos. Ferrari has given only two other models that used the GTO designation: la 1962 250 GTO y el 1984 288 GTO.

Many of the cutting-edge solutions sported by the 599 GTO are also the product of the Maranello engineers’ experience in the development of the 599XX, the prototype experimental car of which, as its legendary moniker suggests, la 599 GTO is the road-homologated version.

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599 GTO for sale only 599 producido.
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