Sam Li’s Car Collection (China)

The World’s most impressive Car Collections

Aston Martin One-77
Aston Martin DBR-9 LM-GTS chassis number 05
Bugatti EB 110 SS
Bugatti Veyron Supersport
Bugatti Chiron X2 on order,one full carbon other cromed
Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari F40
Ferrari F40 GTE
Ferrari F50
Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari Laferrari
Ferrari Laferrari
Ferrari Laferrari Aperta yellow 2017
Ferrari FXX K Red 88
Ferrari FXX
Ferrari 458 italia
Ferrari 458 Speciale
Ferrari 458 speciale aperta
Ferrari 488
Ferrari 488 aperta
Ferrari GT4C lusso x 2
Ferrari FF
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Ferrari F12 TDF delivered summer 2017
Ferrari F12 TRS red
Ferrari F12 TRS liquid silver speciale
Ferrari F12TDF
Ferrari F 458gt
Ferrari F458 GT
Ferrari 599 GTB
Ferrari 599 GTO
Ford GT 3x
GM Corvette C6R LMGT Chassis number 2
Porsche Carrera
Porsche GT2 RS X3
Porsche GT3 RS X4
Porsche 918 spyder X2
Porsche 911R
Porsche GT4 Cayman
Porsche GT3 CUP x3
Porsche GT 1 race car
Porsche 991 GT3 RSR LMGTE.
Rolls-Royce Sweptail 1/1 coupe most expensive new car in the World
Mercedes CLK Gtr 1/3
Mercedes SLR Sterling Moss
Mercedes project 1 on order
Mclaren BP23 on order
McLaren 675 LT
McLaren P1 MSO Silver
McLaren P1 MSO
Mclaren’s F1 GTR longtail x2
McLaren 688 MSO HS x 2
McLaren P1 GTR 88
Lamborghini Diablo X3
Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk
Lamborghini Huracan racing X4,
Participant in Ferrari Cavalcade International

The cars are not for sale but enquiries are welcome click-here-bb

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Carta de intención para [email protected] si te gusta comprar uno. El Zonda Cinque será una obra de arte capaz de acelerar más de 350 Km/h. Carbo-ti...
MB McLaren SLR Stirling Moss 75 vehicles built
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German version EZ 10/2010 8 kilometers petrol 478 kW (650 hp) Automatic CRYSTAL GREY ANTIMONY - Metallic Colour: Grey Interior: Full...
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Bugatti T41-Royal sólo 6 construir, make a offer above...
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Year of manufacture 1926–33 Units built 6 Motor de 8 cilindros en línea, 3 válvula / cilindro, overhead camshafts Cubic capacity/bore [cm ³ / mm] ...
Pagani Zonda F-Club Sport RHD
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Manual Pagani Zonda F Club Sport Coupe (650 BHP) Titanium Inconel Deporte de escape da 15 BHP more Carbon Ceramic Brakes Two tone Pearl White with C...
Porsche GT 1 amarillo 1/1 now cobolt blue
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An exceptionally rare 1998 Porsche 911 GT1 Evo Straβenversion, unique in light yellow. # WP0ZZZ99ZWS396010 The Porsche 911 GT1 Evo is...
Mercedes-Benz-C-Class Bullit
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Maybach Definición S
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Koenigsegg-CCRX Platinum
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CCXR - THE FIRST GREEN SUPERCAR The CCXR will take you to an entirely new level of performance. Es un derivado de la CCX, with a highly modified...
EU LaFerrari Matte Grey.Black Wheels & Leathe...
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EU LaFerrari Matte Grey. (Grigio Matt) Black Leather seats.Black Brake pads, Black Carbon Mirrors. Ask about available LaFerrari's tod...
Colección de coches Kris (Suiza)
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The World’s most impressive Car Collections Kris Car Collection (Suiza) Audi RS6 Bentley GT3 R Ferrari Enzo Ferrari 550...
SLR Roadster
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A roadster version of the SLR went on sale in September 2007 . It uses the same supercharged V8 AMG power plant as its coupé siblings, desarrollo 626...
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The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento ("Sixth Element" in Italian) is a two-door, two-seater, V10 high-performance lightweight limited edition car p...
Aston Martin Vulcan for sale.Production 24 coches
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Aston Martin Vulcan for sale.Production 24 coches (3 cars in USA) While Aston Martin has no plans to homologate the Aston Martin Vulcan for road us...
Grigio Ferro LaFerrari
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Grigio Ferro LaFerrari not for sale, ask me about other LaFerrari for sale
Porsche GT3 RS for sale LHD and RHD
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Notable Standard Features 4.0-liter six-cylinder horizontally opposed and naturally aspirated engine derived from the 911 GT3 Cup offering 368 kW (50...
The Shanghai Car collection
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The one-off Pagani Zonda Uno roadster in Shanghai China. The Zonda Uno was built in early 2010 for Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Thani. https://www.y..,es.



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