Lancia Delta Integrale 1992-1994 limited editions

Lancia Delta Integrale 1992-1994 limited editions buy and sell

During the two-year period 1992-1994, the delta was proposed in limited versions that were distinguished by some
little differences.
La 12 editions are:

 The Martini 5, which was produced in 400 copies and celebrates the fifth victory of the world rally and
its characteristics were the Martini Racing livery, black air vents, seat belts
rouge, black interior in alcantara, plate with signatures of Auriol and Kankkunen;


 Green York, produced in 500 unités, had light leather seats with green stitching, ABS a
six sensors, air conditioner, anti-theft and standard solar control glasses, serial number plate;


 Blue Lagos, produced in 200 pieces, was metallic blue, leather interior
clear, commemorative plaque with the owner’s name;


 Bianco Perlato, produced in 400 specimens, had the gray longitudinal border on the
body, steering wheel and blue interior, serial number plate

 In two series the Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO 2 1994 Limited Edition Yellow was produced in 720 total and in the first series we have the seats in leather while in the second in alcantara with yellow stitching, ABS, power steering and solar control glasses standard;

 The Martini 6, produced in 310 specimens and celebrates the victory of the sixth championship rally. It has livery
Martini Racing, blue interior in alcantara with red stitching, anti-theft, some internal fiber details
of carbon

 The Cabrio which was produced in only 2 copies of which one of the lawyer Agnelli is presumed to be
had the engine boosted to around 250 horses;

 The Dealers Collection, produced in 180 copies, was pearly red and had goodwill a
button, circles from 16 and leather interior;

 The Club Lancia, produced in 32 specimens and could be either red or blue and had the band
longitudinal blue-yellow in the center of the bodywork, ocher and black interior depending on the color of the

 Club Italia, which was produced in 15 copies, its color was dark blue and had goodwill a
button, numbered plates near the gear lever and in the engine compartment, rims of 15 & quot; and interiors in
bordeaux leather;
 Club Hi-Fi, produced in 20 pieces of dark blue or red and had the longitudinal band
yellow-blue on the body, brown leather interior and a numbered plate;
 The Final Edition which was produced in 250 copies but was reserved for the Japanese market and was of
color red with black air intakes, aluminum pedals and many details of the interior style
courses, push-button start and the numbered plate.

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