Donnie Yen´s Car Collection (Hong Kong)

Donnie Yen´s Car Collection (Hong Kong)

Lamborghini Venenon Roadster in White
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

TheSesto Elemento has been built using advanced carbon-fibre technologies developed in partnership with US aerospace company Boeing. The supercar is extremely light, weighing just 999kg, enabling it to reach 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 300km/h.

Sesto Elemento, Italian for sixth element, refers to the atomic number of carbon. The car’s monocoque – which includes the seat and roof – body panels, wheels and exhaust pipes are all crafted from carbon fibre.

Lamborghini claims to be the world’s first carmaker to use the carbon-fibre reinforced plastic process across a range of technologies.
The Sesto Elemento is powered by a naturally-aspirated V10 engine with an output of 570 horsepower.
The buyer will not be able to register the Sesto Elemento for use on the roads

The cars are not for sale but enquiries are welcome  click-here-bb

Li Ka-shing $31.3 B 88 diversified #2 Lee Shau Kee $23.9 B 88 real estate #3 Cheng Yu-tung $15 B 90 diversified #4 Thomas & Raymond Kwok $14.9 B – real estate #5 Joseph Lau $14.8 B 64 real estate #6 Pan Sutong $12.2 B 53 real estate, finance #7 Lui Che Woo $8 B 87 casinos #8 Peter Woo $7.5 B 69 real estate #9 Walter Kwok $7.1 B 65 real estate #10 Michael Kadoorie $6 B 74 hotels, energy #11 Francis Choi $5.7 B 68 real estate #12 Joseph Tsai $5.5 B 52 e-commerce #13 Law Kar Po $5.3 B 68 real estate #14 Vivien Chen $5.1 B 57 real estate #15 Richard Li $4.7 B 49 telecom #16 Pollyanna Chu $4.1 B 58 financial services #17 Edwin Leong $3.9 B 64 real estate #18 Victor & William Fung $3.7 B – sourcing #19 Pansy Ho $3.6 B 53 casinos #20 Samuel Tak Lee $3.2 B 77 real estate #21 Tung Chee Hwa & Chee Chen $3.1 B – shipping #22 Ronald McAulay $2.7 B 80 energy #23 Ko Fook Kau $2.6 B 81 pawn shops, real estate #24 Patrick Lee $2.51 B 74 paper #25 Michael Ying $2.5 B 66 retail #26 Tang Yiu $2.49 B 82 retailing #27 Silas Chou $2.45 B 69 apparel #28 Vincent Lo $2.3 B 67 real estate #29 Fong Yun Wah $2.25 B 91 real estate #30 Robert Miller $2.2 B 83 retail #31 Helmut Sohmen $2.1 B 76 shipping #32 David Li $2.03 B 77 banking #33 Ronnie & Gerald Chan $2 B – real estate #34 Or Wai Sheun $1.95 B 65 real estate #35 Cui Lijie $1.9 B 58 gambling #36 Lee Man Tat $1.85 B 87 food #37 Li Sze Lim $1.8 B 59 real estate #38 Wong Man Li $1.65 B 51 furniture #39 Billy Kan $1.61 B 64 finance, energy #40 Horst Julius Pudwill $1.6 B 71 manufacturing #41 Lawrence Ho $1.57 B 39 casinos #42 Kenneth Lo $1.55 B 77 Textiles #43 Jim Thompson $1.52 B 76 logistics #44 Angela Leong $1.5 B 55 casinos #45 C.F. Chan $1.35 B 98 hotels #46 Albert Yeung $1.25 B 73 real estate, retail #47 Tang Hsiang-chien $1.2 B 93 textiles, electronics #48 Allan Wong $1.1 B 66 electronics #49 Johnson Ko $1.07 B 64 Financial Services #50 Lo Siu-tong $1.05 B 86 real estate, hotels,Michael Kadoorie


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