Koenigsegg-CCXR Trevita

CAR NO 3/3 is still available……..When sunlight hits the car, it
sparkles like millions of silvery
white diamonds infused inside
the visible carbon fiber weave
Trevita is an abbreviation in
Swedish and translates into –
three whites. The Koenigsegg
visible carbon weave body work
is renowned around the globe for
its perfection and uniqueness.
However, so far it has only been
possible to utilize the classic
black carbonfibres.
By utilising a new and unique
method, Koenigsegg has
managed to coat fibers with a
diamond finish. The process was
fully developed at Koenigsegg
headquarters in Ängelholm
Sweden, where the fiber
treatment is conducted carefully
in small quantities, prior to
further processing the prepreg
Koenigsegg will only produce
three Trevitas in total, hence the
name. This makes the Trevita one
of the most rare cars in the world
versions in the Koenigsegg family
The three cars are fully equipped
with Koenigsegg Shimmering
Diamond Weave bodywork,
double carbon wing, paddleshift,
inconell exhaust system,
carbon ceramic brakes with ABS,
hydraulic lifting system,
infotainment system, tyre
monitoring system, chrono
instrument cluster and airbags
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