McLaren-GTR Short tail Harrods livery not for sale

Built for Mach One Racing (“Harrods Racing”) for BPR in 1995, scoring 3 wins and finishing 4th in teams championship. Finished 3rd at 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. Upgraded to 1996-spec and continued in BPR in 1996, scoring 1 win and finishing 8th in teams championship. The car’s normally stock gearbox was modified to include a lighter aluminium housing and more robust mechanicals.

These modifications allowed for the weight of the GTR to be lowered by 38 kg. Due to demand, nine more new GTRs were built, while two older GTRs (#03R and #06R) were also modified to the 1996-spec. Although slower on an entire lap than the 1997 long-tail version due to the significantly lower downforce (the 1997 model relied on high-speed cornering much like prototypes of the 2000’s), the F1 GTR of 1996 was the fastest variant in terms of straight line speed – the car hit 330 km/h on the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans in 1996 .

This McLaren-GTR Short tail model with Harrods livery is not for sale, I can help you find  a McLaren f1 for sale now.


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