Mercedes-Benz-CK63 RS

Pirelli 255/30 ZR20 rubber at the front and 305/25 ZR20 at the rear.
Mercedes-Benz CK63 RS The Mercedes SL63 AMG Never Had It So Good

Miami, FL March 4, 2009: GGI European Tuning, the exclusive North American importer of the Carlsson brand, is pleased to announce that Carlsson is now offering their comprehensive personalization program for the Mercedes SL63 AMG. With Carlsson’s unique sense of style, the Carlsson SL CK63 RS brings significantly more sophistication and authority to the streets than the standard SL63 AMG. More performance, a complete aerodynamics kit, fine interior leather, and an exclusive matte varnish are just a few hallmarks of Carlsson’s new roadster.

• Carlsson improves the eight-cylinder engine to the tune of 600 hp • Maximum torque increases to 520 lbs/ft. • Leather and carbon refinements elevate the standard Mercedes SL63 AMG • Special varnish five times less glossy than conventional matte colors

Carlsson, recognized as an auto manufacturer in its native Germany, uses its years of experience with Mercedes-Benz vehicles to invigorate the eight-cylinder with significantly more performance. Although the cubic capacity with 6,208 cc has not been changed, the refined engine delivers up to 600 hp instead of the standard 525 hp with the AMG. The maximum torque increases from 465 lbs/ft. at 5,200 rpm to 520 at 5,100 rpm. With Carlsson’s refinement, the sprint from zero to a sixty mph only takes 3.9 seconds and is therefore half a second faster than the AMG model. And, the acceleration is electronically limited to a more respectable 202 mph instead of 155 mph.

In order to transmit this additional power to the road, a comprehensive aerodynamic kit presses the CK63 RS into the asphalt, providing optimal grip. The air flowing into the front of the car is directed out through specially formed outlets at the car wings. The front apron and rear diffuser are made of original equipment-quality polyurethane (PU) and are refined with carbon fiber elements directing the airflow for the best possible road grip.

C-Tronic® SUSPENSION – Intelligent Lowering Additionally, increased grip is guaranteed by Carlsson’s C-Tronic® SUSPENSION electronic lowering kit combined with the ABC-sports running gear by AMG. This enables the driver to lower the roadster up to 30 millimeters. The high-performance Carlsson Carbon Composite brake system takes over the negative acceleration. Six-piston calipers at the front axle carve into the front 398×36 millimeter carbon composite brake discs, with two four-piston calipers at the rear axle grabbing the rear 330×35 millimeter brake discs. This combination works to stop the forged Carlsson 1/16 Ultra Light wheels in a 20” x 9.5” size at the front and a 20” x 11” size in the rear within the shortest time. As far as the final contact to the road is concerned, Carlsson USA recommends Pirelli 255/30 ZR20 rubber at the front and 305/25 ZR20 at the rear.

Even when the CK63 RS is parked, it impresses with its breathtaking varnish called “Stealth Titanium Graphite,” by far the most matte black color produced to date. A co-operation between Carlsson and varnish expert Standox has led to a striking result. “Matte black was not enough for us,” says Stefan Müller, responsible for marketing at Carlsson. “We wanted a black varnish with such an extensive matte degree as has never been seen before.” This intention was more than successful with the CK63 RS. Normally, matte varnishes reach a degree of 20 to 25 gloss units, but this particular color, which has been especially developed for Carlsson, only has five gloss units. “And the color shade still remains brilliant and is neither blurred nor milky,” affirms Sascha Pfeffer, application technology manager at Standox.
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In addition to the varnish, engine and running gear modifications, Carlsson also equipped the CK63 RS with a new interior. The seat sides, the inner lining of the doors and the cockpit hood scoop are made of charcoal-colored ultra suede. The light ornamental seam renders an elegant contrast on these component parts. The soft velour floor mats and the headrests are adorned with the prancing Carlsson horse. The driver enters the cockpit by opening the gull-wing RS doors and by stepping over the door sill protectors with the illuminated manufacturer logo.

With the CK63 RS, Carlsson once more affirms its expertise as an exclusive manufacturer of high-quality Mercedes automobiles.

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