Pagani-Zonda F – Новый

Pagani Zonda F – New Pagani Zonda F

Это 2008 Pagani Zonda F.
We made a direct order to Pagani Automobili for this car. The exterior is pearl white with black finish and the interior is red leather. Another appeal is that it is equipped with optional sports exhaust pipe so is high power compared to other Pagani Zonda’s. As this is a limited edition with only 25 vehicles around the world, this is the only remaining new car left in the market.

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Specially ordered car / новый & Незарегистрированная / #24 из 25 автомобили, произведенные / red leather interior / high power exhaust system (maker option) / lifting system / genuine travel bag / genuine mat

[ Car Data ]
Price : ASK
Model Year : 2008
Exterior Color : Parl White
Mileage : New Car
Car Inspection : 3 years
Overall Length : 433cm
Overall Width : 205cm
Overall Height : 115cm
Engine displacement : 7291cc

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