Ralph Lauren’s Car Collection (New York)

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Ralph Lauren’s Car Collection (New York)



Den 20 cars underneath have a value of €240 million(2016)

So how much are the 70 in total maybe €300 million, which cars are missingclick-here-bb?


  1. Alfa Romero 8c 2900 mille maglia(1938) estimated €3m
  2. Alfa Romero 8c 2300 Monza (1931) estimated €7m
  3. Bentley blower(1929) estimated €5m
  4. Bugatti 57 s(c) atlantic (1938) estimated €40m
  5. Bugatti 59 Grand Prix (1933) estimated €10m
  6. Bugatti Veyron (2006) estimated €1m
  7. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport WRE (Svart) estimated €2m
  8. Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (1957)
  9. Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta swb (1960) estimated €10m
  10. Ferrari 250 LM (1964) estimated €15m
  11. Ferrari 250 GTO (1962) estimated €45m
  12. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (1958) estimated €20m
  13. Ferrari F40 estimated €2m
  14. Ferrari 599
  15. Ferrari 375 plus (1954) estimated €20m
  16. LaFerrari 2015 red €3m
  17. Ford “Woody” Station Wagon (1948)
  18. Jaguar XKSS (1958) estimated €5m
  19. Jaguar xk120 roadster (1950)
  20. Jaguar xkd (1955) estimated €7,5m
  21. Jaguar XK140
  22. McLaren LM estimated €20m
  23. McLaren F1 (1996)estimated €10m
  24. McLaren F1 (1996) estimated €10m
  25. Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing (1955) estimated €3m
  26. Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 convertible (1971)
  27. Mercedes Benz ssk “count trossi” (1930) estimated €10m
  28. Lamborghini Reventon Roadster (1/20)estimated €2m
  29. Lamborghini Murciélago Super Veloce (2010)
  30. Porsche 550 RS spyder (1955) estimated €5m
  31. Porsche 959 (1988) estimated €1.5m
  32. Porsche 356 Speedster
  33. Porsche 930
  34. Porsche 930 Cabrio
  35. Porsche GT3 RS
  36. Porsche Carrera GT
  37. Porsche silver RUF CTR-3 Clubsport €700.000

“Once you drive the McLaren, it’s over,” Lauren says. “It’s like no car I’ve ever driven. The McLaren is like Star Wars–a hovercraft. I feel like I’m not touching the ground. It’s an experience I’ve never had before.


Lauren created his billion-dollar fashion company on his own and paid his business dues by trusting his sense of how to look cool. He began to develop this sense when he was buying his own suits at age 12 and then honed it as he walked to his job selling ties at Brooks Brothers. His eyes would fall on the beautiful shapes in the Jaguar and Morgan Manhattan dealerships that he passed on foot. To him, these cars looked cool. When he began Polo, the business, he didn’t ride around Manhattan in a limo but drove himself in a Mercedes 280 convertible and in two black-on-black Porsche 930s, one a cabriolet. All three cars still look cool today.

In addition to the Long Island garages, Lauren has the newer sports cars and the older classic cars in Westchester, New York, but he has constructing a larger garage that will house all of his cars, plus a few future purchases, under one roof.Lauren recently renovated a former car dealership’s storage facilities near his lavish Westchester, New York, estate to house his amazing jewels on wheels.

He has a home on Fifth Avenue, New York, beach resorts in Jamaica and Montauk, Long Island, and a 17,000-acre Range in Colorado where he keeps about 20 Jeeps and pickups.


2011 Ralph Lauren brings his exquisite car collection to Europe
for the first time for a special exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs

Estimated value €300 000 000 alla 70 bilar

The cars are not for sale but enquiries are welcome click-here-bb

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