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Hispano-Suiza & Bugatti Collection (Spain)
1927 Bugatti 37 A  Price : 675.000€
1913 Hispano-Suiza 15/45 “Alfonso XIII”  Price : 450.000€
1915 Hispano-Suiza T24. Price : 85.000€

🚗 Introducing the 1927-1930 Bugatti Type 37A! 🏁

The Bugatti Type 37 was a groundbreaking car in its era, boasting 60bhp with exceptional performance. However, the 37A took it a step further with a supercharger, elevating power to 80-85 bhp. 🌟

Both models were crafted for voiturette racing and shared many components with the iconic Type 35 Grand Prix car. 💨

Designed for enthusiasts, the Type 37 featured a remarkable chassis, suspension, and braking system inspired by the Type 35, yet housed a smaller engine. ⚙️

The Type 37A stood out with its roots-type supercharger, magneto ignition, and optional aluminum-spoked wheels with integrated brake drums. 🏎️

With a free-revving valvetrain, the engine could reach up to 5000 rpm, ensuring impressive performance on the track. 🏆

Despite being a step down from the Type 35, the Type 37A excelled due to its lighter weight, making it a fierce competitor in races like Le Mans, the Mille Miglia, and the Targa Florio. 🌍


The Hispano-Suiza Alfonso XIII, also known as T45, was a luxury sports car manufactured by the Spanish company Hispano-Suiza between 1911 and 1914. 🚗💨

History: In 1909, Hispano-Suiza already had experience in building sports cars and aimed to enhance the quality of its models. King Alfonso XIII of Spain, a car enthusiast and a significant customer of the company’s factory in Barcelona, established the Copa de Cataluña. Although the first two editions were won by Peugeot models, Hispano-Suiza achieved victory in the 1911 Coupe de l’Auto races in Ostend and Boulogne sur Mer. This success convinced the company’s executives to produce a mass-production model with some modifications, and it was named after King Alfonso XIII. 🏆🇪🇸

The Alfonso XIII model received significant acclaim and mechanical improvements were introduced in 1913. Production ceased in 1914, but units were sold until 1920, with an estimated 500 units sold. Its price at that time was 11,500 pesetas, making it exclusive to the aristocracy and financial elite. 💰👑

Technical Features: The Alfonso XIII was primarily a convertible model but could be configured differently upon request. It was characterized by its large circular headlights placed alongside its front fenders and was the first model of the brand to feature the factory logo on the radiator.

Initially, it was equipped with a front longitudinal 4-cylinder engine with 3,619 cc and 60 hp. It had a 3-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive, reaching a top speed of 120 km/h. 🛠️🔧


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