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Jonathan Hui’ Car Collection (Hong Kong)
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Bugatti 110EB Blue
Ferrari Monza
Ferrari 599 GTO
Ferrari 599 XX
Ferrari 288 gto
Honda NSX R
Mercedes CLK GTR
Mercedes SL300 Gullwing
McLAren F1 063
McLaren F1 GTR Street legal
McLaren Senna GTR
Pagani Zonda Fantasma Evo
Pagqni Zonda ‘Venti’ 1/1 Zonda Roadster F #76101
Pagani Codalunga
Porsche GT1 Street Silver
Porsche GT 2005 black


Jonathan Hui, the grandson of Hong Kong shipping and property tycoon Hui Sai Fun, has nurtured a profound love for cars since childhood. 🏎️ His obsession with automobiles, ranging from Porsches to Ferraris, culminated in an impressive collection of over 20 vehicles, including the exclusive Pagani Zonda Fantasma Evo. 🚗💨

Growing up, Jonathan’s fascination with cars evolved from playing with matchbox cars to assembling model cars and eventually delving into remote-controlled ones. 🚘 His passion for vintage cars blossomed a decade ago, leading him to broaden his collection to include classics from the 1950s onwards. 🕰️

For Jonathan, acquiring these vehicles goes beyond mere material possession; it’s about uniting his family across generations. 👪

Dreaming of embarking on a European road trip with his loved ones, Jonathan envisions a journey where multiple generations come together to share in the joy of driving. 🌍

As a scion of one of Hong Kong’s prominent business families, Jonathan aims to preserve family unity through his passion for automobiles. 🏁 While he indulges in his hobby of car collecting and racing, he also actively participates in the family business alongside his cousin Julian Hui. 💼

But Jonathan’s enthusiasm for cars isn’t solely fueled by nostalgia and familial bonds; it’s also driven by a quest for unique driving experiences. 🌟 Before adding a new car to his collection, Jonathan evaluates its ability to deliver an exceptional driving experience. 🏁 By prioritizing this criterion, he explores a diverse range of brands and car types, gaining insights into the evolution of automotive technology over the past seven decades. 🛣️

Each car in Jonathan’s collection offers a distinct and unparalleled driving experience, reflecting his discerning taste and passion for automotive excellence. 🏎️👌

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The cars are not for sale but enquiries are welcome


Jonathan Hui 🚗 Car Collection 🏎️ Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Bugatti 🚘 110EB Blue 🟦 Ferrari 🏎️ Monza 🏁 599 GTO 🏎️ 599 XX 🏎️ 288 GTO 🏎️ Honda 🚗 NSX R 🏁 Mercedes 🚘 SL300 Gullwing 🐦 McLaren 🏎️ F1 063 🏁 Senna GTR 🏎️ Pagani 🚗 Zonda Fantasma Evo 🌪️ Zonda Venti 🌪️ Pagani Huayra Roadster 🚗 Porsche 🏎️ GT1 Street Silver 🟦 GT 2005 black ⚫ Car enthusiast 🚗 Car aficionado 🏎️ Collector 🚘 Vintage cars 🕰️ Classic cars 🏎️ Exotic cars 🚗 Sports cars 🏎️ Luxury cars 💎 High-performance cars 🚀 Supercars 🏎️ Hypercars 🌟 Automobiles 🚗 Automotive passion ❤️‍🔥 Automotive industry 🏭 Luxury lifestyle 💼 Exclusivity 🌟 Rarity 🔍 Prestige 🌟 Grandson 👦 Shipping tycoon 🚢 Property tycoon 🏰 Family legacy 👪 Family tradition 👨‍👩‍👦 Generational wealth 💰 Passionate collector 🚗 Dream car collection 💭 Obsession 💢 Childhood fascination 🧒 Matchbox cars 🚗 Model cars 🛠️ Remote-controlled cars 🕹️ Vintage car collector 🕰️ Road trip enthusiast 🛣️ European road trip 🇪🇺 Family bonding 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family unity 👨‍👩‍👦 Prominent business family 🏢 Family business 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Business dynasty 💼 Hong Kong elite 🌟 Driving experience 🛣️ Unique experiences 🌟 Automotive technology 🛠️ Evolution of cars 🚗 Automotive engineering 🚗 Automotive design 🎨 Automotive craftsmanship 🛠️ Car customization 🚗 Exclusive specifications 🌟 Personalized cars 🚗 Distinctive features 🌟 Unparalleled performance 🚀 Exhilarating drives 🏁 Thrilling rides 🎢 Automotive excellence 🏆 Discerning taste 👀 Luxury lifestyle 💎 Luxury living 🏰 Opulent collection 💎 Enviable collection 😍 Rare automobiles 🔍 Limited editions 🔖 Collector’s items 🏷️ Automotive heritage 🏎️ Prestigious vehicles 🌟 High-end automobiles 💎 Top-tier cars 🏆 Automotive enthusiasts 🚗 Luxury car market 💼 Luxury car industry 💼 Automotive aficionado 🚗 Car connoisseur 🏎️ Automotive connoisseur 🚗 Driving passion 🛣️ Racing enthusiast 🏁 Automotive aficionado 🚗



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