Larry Caplin’s Car Collection (USA)

Dr. Larry Caplin, a dentist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, made headlines by achieving a mind-boggling speed record with the SSC Tuatara hypercar. Beyond his profession, Caplin’s lifelong love for cars and hands-on experience in automotive mechanics played a crucial role in this extraordinary feat. In this article, we delve into Dr. Larry Caplin’s remarkable journey and his impressive car collection.

A Lifelong Passion for Cars:

Caplin’s fascination with cars began at a young age, working alongside mechanics and restoring vehicles with his father. His journey from sweeping garage floors to rebuilding engines instilled a deep appreciation for automobiles. Caplin’s collection reflects this passion, with a wide range of iconic American supercars, classic models, and high-performance machines.

The SSC Tuatara: A Dream Come True:

While Caplin’s car collection includes various automotive marvels, his association with SSC started with the Ultimate Aero, SSC’s previous flagship supercar. This connection led him to become the first private owner of the SSC Tuatara, setting the stage for his record-breaking endeavor.

Preparation and Coaching:

Caplin’s preparation for the high-speed run involved years of experience with Ferrari’s Corse Clienti program, where he received one-on-one driver training and coaching from Ferrari factory drivers. He also sought advice from seasoned professionals, including Oliver Webb and Charlie Turner, to understand the nuances of high-speed driving.

Breaking the Record:

On a calm day, Caplin took the SSC Tuatara on a record-breaking run, reaching an astounding two-way average speed of 455.3 km/h. Despite the incredible speed, he described the experience as surprisingly calm, attributed to meticulous preparation and focus.

Future Aspirations:

Caplin’s achievements with SSC Tuatara have not quenched his thirst for speed. He aspires to break the 300 mph (483 km/h) barrier in the near future. Caplin’s dedication to pushing boundaries and his unwavering passion for cars make him a remarkable figure in the world of automotive enthusiasts.

Ferrari LaFerrari FXXK Evo

Ferrari 488 Spider

Ferrari 599XX

Ford GT

IMSA Prototype

Mosler Raptor GTR

SSC TUATARA Customer Car No.1 (World Record car? )

SSC  Ultimate Aero 2011 last one produced


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