McLaren Elva Roadster – Production  149

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McLaren Elva: Pure Driving Bliss 🏎️🌟

Production  149 units.

Unleash the Thrill: McLaren Elva

Experience pure driving pleasure with the McLaren Elva – a roadster supercar designed for uncompromised connection, breathtaking power, and agile performance. 🚀 Immerse yourself in the epitome of driving ecstasy as we explore the Elva’s distinctive features. Swipe left for an exclusive journey. 📸🔍

New Rules of Engagement: #McLarenElva #PureDriving #RoadsterExperience

Discover a new realm of driver engagement where the view forward is always epic, unobstructed by a roof or windscreen. The Elva provides a unique sensory experience, heightened by the Active Air Management System. 🌬️ Feel the thrill with every acceleration. #ActiveAirManagement #AgilePerformance #ThrillingDrive

Blurring the Boundaries: #McLarenDesign #FluidMovement #SculptedProfile

The McLaren Elva’s design blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior, inspired by Formula 1 aesthetics. Carbon Fibre craftsmanship and Advanced Ultrafabric materials redefine the driving experience. 🎨✨ Step inside a space that cocoons you in luxury and total engagement. #LuxuryDriving #CarbonFibreCraftsmanship #Formula1Inspired

The Lightest Yet: #McLarenHypercar #LightweightDesign #MonocellII

Witness the lightest McLaren road car ever made, a testament to the philosophy that less is more. The bespoke carbon fibre design, deployable roll-over protection system, and low-profile dihedral doors add to the Elva’s allure. 🕊️💼 #HypercarDesign #RollOverProtection #LightweightLuxury

Air Power: #AerodynamicMasterpiece #ActiveAirManagement #Formula1Innovation

Mastering aerodynamics, the Elva features the Active Air Management System and a full-width carbon fibre active rear spoiler. It’s not just about speed; it’s about control. 🌪️⚙️ Experience the roadster supercar that sets new standards in aerodynamic precision. #PrecisionDriving #AirbrakeTechnology #AeroInnovation

Technical Specifications: #TopSpeed #TorquePower #McLarenPerformance

  • Top Speed: 326 km/h (203mph)
  • Torque: 800 Nm (590lb-ft)
  • Power: 815 PS (802bhp)

The McLaren Elva, with its unparalleled driving experience and cutting-edge design, comes with an MSRP of $1,690,000. 🚗💸 This base price sets the stage for you to embark on a personalized journey, tailoring your Elva to meet your unique preferences. 🌈✨

Exclusions and Considerations:

  1. Excluding Taxes: Keep in mind that the MSRP excludes taxes. The final price will be subject to applicable state and local taxes, ensuring compliance with regional regulations. 💼📊
  2. Options and Upgrades: Elevate your McLaren Elva experience by exploring a range of customization options and upgrades. From bespoke interiors to performance enhancements, these choices will add a layer of personalization to your roadster supercar. 🎨🔧
  3. Destination Charge: Additionally, the destination charge, covering the cost of transporting your McLaren Elva to your preferred location, is not included in the MSRP. This charge may vary depending on the destination and logistics involved. 🚢🌍

Personalizing Your Elva:

The final price of your McLaren Elva will reflect the culmination of your chosen options, upgrades, applicable taxes, and the destination charge. This ensures that your roadster is not just a car but a manifestation of your distinct style and preferences. 🌟🔍

Embrace the opportunity to create a McLaren Elva that is uniquely yours, capturing the essence of luxury, performance, and individuality. 🏎️✨ #McLarenElva #CustomizeYourDrive #LuxuryLifestyle

Explore the McLaren Elva – where driving becomes an art, and every journey is a masterpiece. 🌐✨ #McLarenMasterpiece #DrivingArt #ElvaExperience


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  • Property ID: 130183
  • Price: €1,690,000

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