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The World’s most impressive Car Collections
Shmee’s Car Collection (UK)

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster
Aston Martin Vantage GT8
Ferrari Purosangue Blue
Ferrari SF90 Stradale Blue
Ferrari 296
Ferrari GTC4Lusso
Ford Mustang Shelby GT00 Light Green
Ford GT
Ford Focus RS Heritage
Lotus Emira
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series
Mercedes c63 white Black Series
McLaren 675LT Spider
McLaren Senna
Lamborghini Huracán STO Purple Passion 🏁💜
Renault Clio Williams FW19 Showcar Yellow
Zenvo TSR-S


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Aston Martin Vantage GT8 – A Symphony in Cobalt Blue 🏎️💙
🔍 Details:
🏷️ Plaque Number: 1 / 150
📅 Model Year: 2016
🚦 Plate: Country Flag SH16MEE
🌈 Color: Cobalt Blue
🪑 Interior: Pure Black Alcantara – Californian Poppy Stitching
🛣️ Performance:
🌐 Transmission: Manual
🚗 Drive: RHD
🛣️ Last Known km/miles: 11,255 Miles (09/08/2023)
📌 Additional Information:

🕵️‍♂️ Inspection: Final inspection by Dr. Andy Palmer, former CEO of Aston Martin.
🖊️ Owner’s Touch: Signature underneath upholstery on the driver’s seat.

Ford GT 🏎️🔥
🔍 Details:
🏷️ Plaque Number: 1 / 825
📅 Model Year: 2018
🚦 Plate: Country Flag SH66MEE
🌈 Color: Liquid Red
🪑 Interior: Black Alcantara, Red – Gold Stitching
🌐 Transmission: Automatic
🚗 Drive: LHD
🛣️ Last Known km/miles: 11,401 Miles (15/09/2023)

✨ About:
This Ford GT is more than a car; it’s a work of art inspired by the legendary GT40 Alan Mann Lightweight Mk.1, chassis #AM GT-1. It proudly carries bespoke stripes from the factory, a tribute to its iconic predecessor.

🔧 Modifications:

🔄 BBS FI-R Wheels
🏁 Alan Mann Gold Shift Paddles
🔊 QuickSilver QSP Exhaust
✨ Interior Stitching: Re-done post-delivery by Sparco in Milan
🎨 Custom Wrap: Crafted by Lhouette with Wyecliffe Galleries

McLaren 675LT Spider 🏎️💜
🔍 Details:
🏷️ Plaque Number: 1/ 500
📅 Model Year: 2016
🚦 Plate: Country Flag SH15MEE
🌈 Color: Orion Purple
🪑 Interior: Carbon Black Alcantara / Stone Grey Leather – Grey Stitching
🌐 Transmission: Automatic
🚗 Drive: RHD
🛣️ Last Known km/miles: 19,288 Miles (15/08/2023)

McLaren Senna 🏎️💙
🔍 Details:
🏷️ Plaque Number: 1 / 500
📅 Model Year: 2019
🚦 Plate: Country Flag KE68NVB
🌈 Color: Cerulean Blue / Satin Navy Blue Carbon
🪑 Interior: Carbon Black Alcantara – Cerulean Blue Stitching
🛣️ Performance:
🌐 Transmission: Automatic
🚗 Drive: RHD
🛣️ Last Known km/miles: 3,936 Miles (20/05/2023)

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series 🏎️🌟
📅 Model Year: 2021
🚦 Plate: Country Flag SH61MEE
🌈 Color: Solarbeam Yellow
🪑 Interior: Black Exclusive Nappa Leather / DINAMICA – Silver Stitching
🛣️ Performance:
🌐 Transmission: Automatic
🚗 Drive: RHD
🔍 Additional Information:
✨ About:
Originally delivered in Graphite Gray Magno, this Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series underwent a stunning transformation. Repainted Solarbeam Yellow by Chartwell in Derby, UK, immediately after delivery. This bold move was made as Solarbeam Yellow wasn’t initially available on UK-ordered GT Black Series.

🚀 Modifications:
💨 Opus Innovation Exhaust System: Boosts power to an impressive 847hp.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series 🏎️🔵

🔍 Details:
🏷️ Plaque Number: 1 / 354
📅 Model Year: 2014
🚦 Plate: Country Flag SH62MEE
🌈 Color: Designo Mystic Blue
🪑 Interior: Black Alcantara / Leather – Red Stitching
🛣️ Performance:
🌐 Transmission: Automatic
🚗 Drive: LHD

Zenvo TSR-S: Unleash the Power of Exclusivity 🚗💨
🔍 Details:
🏷️ Plaque Number: 1 / 5
📅 Model Year: 2022
🚦 Plate: Country Flag SH14MEE
🌈 Color: Lilla Perlemor / Purple Tint Exposed Carbon / Lime Grøn Accents
🪑 Interior: Blå Læder / Støvet Lilla Duotone Seat Split
🚗 Drive: LHD
💰 MSRP: $2,150,000 USD
📍 Country Flag: Sonoma, California, United States
🌟 About:
This Zenvo TSR-S is a rare gem, the second customer-owned TSR-S that has never been in the possession of the factory. With only one of its kind registered in the UK, this extraordinary vehicle is a testament to exclusive automotive craftsmanship. Unleashing power, style, and sophistication on the roads of Sonoma, California, it’s a true symbol of automotive artistry.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exceptional ride! 🚀✨ #Zenvo #TSRS #SupercarLife #ExclusiveRides #AutomotiveArtistry #ZenvoTSRS #CarEnthusiast #SonomaCalifornia #LuxeLife #RareCars #AutomotiveGems #DriveInStyle #ZenvoPerformance #LuxuryCars #SupercarObsessed #CarLifestyle #AutomotiveExclusivity #UnleashTheBeast #CarSpotting #CarCollector #ZenvoFanatics #ExclusiveOwnership #ZenvoOwners #AutomotiveDreams #LuxuryCarCulture #ZenvoLove #UniqueRides #CarHistory #Shmee150

For Tim, The Shmuseum is the realization of a dream that started as a passion for car spotting. Now, as a successful businessman, he’s made that dream a reality. The future of The Shmeemobiles is open-ended, but one thing is for certain: the cars will continue to be driven, loved, and shared with enthusiasts around the world! 🌐🏎️

Meet Timothy John Burton, AKA Shmee150: Driven by Passion 🚗🎥

Born on 17th September 1987, Timothy John Burton, professionally known as Shmee150 or simply Shmee, is a prominent British car vlogger and YouTuber. Currently based in the vibrant city of London, Shmee has carved a niche for himself in the automotive world.

🎥 YouTube Stardom:
Shmee’s YouTube channel boasts an impressive following, with over 2.5 million subscribers. His content is a captivating blend of travel, exotic cars, and the meticulous care of his personal car collection. As a passionate car enthusiast, Shmee doesn’t just showcase cars; he shares the experience of being a part of the automotive world.

🌍 Global Adventures:
Shmee’s journey takes him around the globe, documenting his encounters with the most extraordinary cars and automotive events. From the bustling streets of London to the iconic tracks like the Nürburgring, Shmee’s lens captures the essence of high-performance machines.

🚗 Car Collection Care:
What sets Shmee apart is his genuine love for cars. His videos go beyond the glitz and glamour; they delve into the hands-on aspects of maintaining and using his own car collection. This hands-on approach not only resonates with fellow car enthusiasts but also provides a unique insight into the world of automotive care.

🌟 Passion Personified:
For Shmee, cars aren’t just machines; they are an embodiment of passion and a source of endless fascination. His journey from a car enthusiast to a YouTube sensation reflects the power of following one’s passion and sharing it with the world.

🔗 Connect with Shmee:

📺 YouTube: Shmee150
📷 Instagram: @shmee150
🐦 Twitter: @Shmee150

🏠 The Shmuseum –    / theshmuseum   🩳 Shmeebites –    / shmeebites   ⌚ Shwatch150 –    / shwatch150   FIND SHMEE150 ONLINE: 🌍 Website – http://www.shmee150.com 📸 Instagram –   / shmee150   👤 Facebook –   / shmee150   📺 TikTok –   / shmee150


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