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The World’s most impressive Car Collections

The Poirier Car Collection (Canada )

Poirier Collection in Montreal, Canada – Luc Poirier’s Private Garage and Ultimate Mancave

Welcome to the Poirier Collection, nestled in beautiful Montreal, Canada. Take a virtual tour through the captivating world of Luc Poirier’s extraordinary car collection, featuring the crème de la crème of automotive marvels.

At the heart of this automotive haven, Ferrari reigns supreme as the standout brand. Feast your eyes on the complete lineup of Ferrari supercars, including the illustrious
Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, Enzo, F50, F40, and the iconic 288 GTO.

Luc Poirier’s collection extends beyond Ferrari, encompassing the entire range of V8 mid-engine supercars.
Get up close to legendary models such as the 488 Pista, 458 Special, 430 Scuderia Spider 16M, 360 Challenge Stradale, F355 Fiorano, 348, 328, and the timeless 308. And that’s not all.

Venture further into this automotive paradise to discover the majestic V12s, including the remarkable F12tdf, 599 GTO, 575 SuperAmerica, Testarossa, and brace yourself for more thrilling additions on the horizon.

But the Poirier Collection doesn’t stop at Ferrari. Be awestruck by the sight of a Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae, AMG GT Black Series, Porsche 992 GT3, and the striking Porsche 992 Turbo S Cabriolet in Rubystone Red. And as you explore further, you’ll encounter an array of unique and extraordinary vehicles, from a compact classic Mini to the rugged prowess of a Unimog.

The Poirier Collection is a testament to a passion for automotive excellence, a celebration of engineering artistry, and an invitation to join us on this extraordinary journey through the world of luxury automobiles.

Laferrari Aperta, Ferrari’s most powerful car, to be the centrepiece of my collection. There are only 210 of them! It’s a blast to drive, combining incredible power with smooth handling unmatched by any other supercar. It’s a magnificent car that I think will age well.

The Ferrari F1 has been meticulously reconstructed using components sourced from the Formula 1 cars that competed in the historic 2004 season when Michael Schumacher clinched his remarkable 7th championship title, a record that remains unchallenged to this day.

Described by Mr. Poiré as a “demo car,” this extraordinary creation is comprised of parts that have endured from the very race circuits where these iconic cars once roared. Valued at an astounding $2.5 million, this particular automobile is a rarity, with a count of only three or four known to exist, according to the collector.

The Ferrari 250 GTO is top of my wish list.


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