Sam Li’s Car Collection (China)

The World’s most impressive Car Collections

Aston Martin One-77
Aston Martin DBR-9 LM-GTS chassis number 05
Bugatti EB 110 SS,en
Bugatti Veyron Supersport
Bugatti Chiron X2,one full carbon other cromed
Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari F40
Ferrari F40 GTE
Ferrari F50
Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari Laferrari
Ferrari Laferrari
Ferrari Laferrari Aperta yellow 2017
Ferrari FXX K Red 88
Ferrari FXX
Ferrari 458 italia
Ferrari 458 Speciale
Ferrari 458 speciale aperta
Ferrari 488
Ferrari 488 aperta
Ferrari GT4C lusso x 2
Ferrari FF
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Ferrari F12 TDF delivered summer 2017
Ferrari F12 TRS red
Ferrari F12 TRS liquid silver speciale
Ferrari F12TDF
Ferrari F 458gt
Ferrari F458 GT
Ferrari 599 GTB
Ferrari 599 GTO
Ford GT 3x
GM Corvette C6R LMGT Chassis number 2
Porsche Carrera
Porsche GT2 RS X3
Porsche GT3 RS X4
Porsche 918 spyder X2
Porsche 911R
Porsche GT4 Cayman
Porsche GT3 CUP x3
Porsche GT 1 race car
Porsche 991 GT3 RSR LMGTE.
Rolls-Royce Sweptail 1/1 coupe most expensive new car in the World
Mercedes CLK Gtr 1/3
Mercedes SLR Sterling Moss
Mercedes project 1 on order
Mclaren BP23 on order
Mclaren 675 LT
McLaren P1 MSO Silver
McLaren P1 MSO
Mclaren’s F1 GTR longtail x2
McLaren 688 MSO HS x 2
McLaren P1 GTR 88
Lamborghini Diablo X3
Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk
Lamborghini Huracan racing X4,
Participant in Ferrari Cavalcade International

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SSC ultimative Aero Twin Turbo
Ansichten 4697
Shelby ultimative Aero Twin Turbo
Ansichten 6373
Production 1936–1940 (Chassis -- last bodies completed in 1944) Assembly Untertürkheim factory, Sindelfingen, Germany Predecessor Mercedes-Benz 5...
Kris Car Collection (Schweiz)
Ansichten 6094
The World’s most impressive Car Collections Kris Car Collection (Schweiz) Audi RS6 Bentley GT3 R Ferrari Enzo Ferrari 550...
Pagani Zonda F-Clubsport RHD
Ansichten 9352
Pagani Zonda F Clubsport Coupe Hand (650 BHP) Titan Inconel Sportauspuff verleiht 15 BHP more Carbon Ceramic Brakes Two tone Pearl White with C...
Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution sold RM Auction 2016 €...
Ansichten 5356
1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution Chassis no. GT1 993-117 Engine no. M86/60-109 Gearbox no. G96/80/117 Sold for €2.772.000 Documen...
Sultan of Brunei’s car collection
Ansichten 26921
The World's most impressive private Car Collections Sultan of Brunei +2000 Autos Sammlung Der Sultan von Brunei ist bekannt für den Besitz eines von,en ...
Ion Tiriac´s Car Collection (Rumänien)
Ansichten 8849
The Ion Tiriac Collection (Rumänien) The World’s most impressive Car Collections 350 Autos 163 on display 1973 Jaguar E-Type 1966 Jensen C-V8 ...
Nicht zum Verkauf Grau (Grauguss) LaFerrari 2014
Ansichten 14727
Nicht zum Verkauf EU Ferrari LaFerrari 2014 Grau (Grauguss) Yellow Bremsen Hellbraune Ledersitze Rote Sicherheitsgurte Carbon-Packung (Niedriger) Magne ...
Pagani Huayra Roadster for sale.Production 100 car...
Ansichten 4452
Pagani Huayra Roadster.Production 100 Autos, delivery from 2017. Public debut at 2017 Geneva Motor Show. PaganiHuayra Roadster claims 1.8G, the h...
Matt light blue US spec Laferrari 1/1
Ansichten 5481
1 von 1 matt light blue Laferrari! Paint from Ferrari Black Leather Seats with Blue Piping Black Wheels Mat black roof
Black US Specs LaFerrari Beige leather with black ...
Ansichten 7563
2014 Ferrari La Ferrari sold with title straight to new owner. Equipment 19" Front / 20" Rückseite 5 Spoke LaFerrari WheelsAdjustable Gas/Brake Pedals ...
Spyker-C8 Aileron
Ansichten 3241
Spyker will unveil the production unit of their new Spyker C8 Aileron at the Geneva Motor Show March 3rd 2009 probably with 4.2-liter Audi V8 engine...
Red Ferrari LaFerrari,Schwarz Sitze & amp; Schwarz wheels.Not ...
Ansichten 8355 / watch?v = hjK5xc4a1UE NOT FOR SALE Red Ferrari LaFerrari 2015 Schwarz Räder Red Bremsbeläge Italienische Flagge auf Dash Board F ...
McLaren-GTR-Long tail Last one Produced SOLD March...
Ansichten 5087
McLaren GTR Longtail-McLaren F1 GTR (#028R)Long Tail |€ P.O.A.|1997 |Light Blue|McLaren Cars Ltd uk US owner SOLD March 2014
Dan’s Car Collection (USA)
Ansichten 44630
The World’s most impressive Car Collections Dan's Car Collection (USA) Possibly the World's Best Modern Super Car collection Aston Martin Valky...
Sterling Moss SLR als neue zu verkaufen
Ansichten 4054
Stirling Moss (2009) Der SLR Stirling Moss ist eine limitierte Auflage (75 Fahrzeuge) der Reihe, which uses a speedster styling that does not inc...
Ansichten 3647
Official speed recorded in 1993 at Nardo test track driven by Martin Brundle without catalytic converter. The unmodified road car reached 213 mph (343...
Fisker-Kaarma Sonnenuntergang
Ansichten 4662
2x 201 PS-Elektromotoren . Diese Motoren können in Kombination verwendet werden, um über bereitzustellen 400 Pferdestärke, and that is enough grunt to launch the ...
US Specs black LaFerrari Nero DS Opaco paint
Ansichten 6303
1 von 3 LaFerraris finished in Nero DS Opaco paint 211 original miles 6.3 liter hybrid drive V-12 engine F1-inspired HY-KERS Kinetic Energy Recovery...



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