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Cupra has officially unveiled the real DarkRebel, a concept that initially existed only in the digital realm until its physical debut at the 2023 IAA Munich motor show. This pure-electric, two-seat shooting brake sports car 🏎️ showcases Cupra’s latest design language and is a testament to the brand’s unique approach.

The DarkRebel concept was born in Cupra’s Metaverse platform 🌐, with input from 270,000 Cupra fans who participated in an online poll to shape the car’s design. The collaboration with the “Cupra Tribe” led to the creation of a digital car 🚗, which was then transformed into a physical concept for the IAA show.

Cupra’s CEO Wayne Griffiths expresses a strong desire to bring the DarkRebel into production 🏭, considering it as Cupra’s natural halo car. Desirability takes precedence over volume or price, with Griffiths emphasizing that Cupra aims to push the limits of desirability.

While the powertrain details are not disclosed, Cupra is known for leveraging Volkswagen’s MEB platform creatively. Potential options include the use of Volkswagen’s 295bhp dual-motor GTX powertrain or the 282bhp single-motor setup from the Volkswagen ID.7. There’s also speculation about Cupra adopting the PPE platform for a more traditional sports car driving experience.

Design-wise, the DarkRebel challenges conventional norms, featuring a unique blend of shooting brake and sports car elements. The cab has been positioned towards the rear, reminiscent of old-school GT cars, while aggressive aero elements adorn the entire car, giving it a distinct and unconventional appearance. 🌟

Introducing Cupra’s latest masterpiece, the exclusive and exceptionally rare supercar, the Dark Rebel!

Sergi embarked on a journey to Barcelona to experience the sheer thrill of driving the sole existing model of this extraordinary vehicle.

This futuristic sports car, designed for two, features scissor doors, headlights seamlessly integrated into the bodywork, and a gaming-style steering wheel that adds a touch of innovation to the driving experience.

Share your thoughts on this marvel of automotive engineering in the comments below!

A heartfelt thank you to Cupra for hosting us in Barcelona and making this unforgettable experience possible. 🚗💨 #CupraDarkRebel #SupercarInnovation #FuturisticDriving #BarcelonaAdventure


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