The Barry Skolnick Car Collection (USA)

  • €75,000,000


The Barry Skolnick Car Collection (USA)

Apollo IE

Aston Martin Vantage V12 limited 1/249

Ford GTX1

Porsche  Gulf liveries  918 Spyder

Porsche x  Weissach package 918s

Porsche  Gulf liveries Carrera GT

Porsche  Gulf liveries 959 x 3

Ferrari  LaFerrari coupe Red

Ferrari  LaFerrari Aperta Black

Ferrari  812 Competizione Aperta

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F50

Ferrari Enzo

McLaren P1 x 2

McLaren P1 GTR

McLAren Senna

McLaren Senna GTR

McLaren 765 Spyder MSO

Maserati MC12  Corsa (Orange)

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

+100 cars in collection

IKONICK car collection


The extraordinary Barry Skolnick Car Collection, an automotive haven nestled in the heart of the United States. 🌟🚗

This distinguished collection, curated with precision and a discerning eye, pays homage to the pinnacle of automotive engineering and design, showcasing an array of iconic vehicles from renowned manufacturers.

At the forefront of this ensemble is the awe-inspiring Apollo IE, a rare gem that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with exclusive craftsmanship. The Ford GTX1, an American masterpiece, graces the collection with its sleek silhouette and high-performance capabilities, exemplifying the ingenuity of American automotive engineering.

The Porsche lineup within the collection is nothing short of spectacular, featuring the exquisite Gulf liveries on the 918 Spyder, Carrera GT, and not one but three 959s. Each Porsche in this lineup tells a unique story, embodying the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of both technology and timeless aesthetics.

Ferrari enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by an array of prancing horses, including the striking LaFerrari coupe in a bold red hue, the open-top LaFerrari Aperta in sophisticated black, and the exclusive 812 Competizione Aperta. The legendary F40, F50, and Enzo stand as pillars of Ferrari’s illustrious history, showcasing the evolution of the brand’s design and performance prowess.

McLaren’s cutting-edge technology takes center stage with multiple iterations of the P1, including the track-focused P1 GTR and the ground-breaking Senna and Senna GTR. These hypercars redefine the limits of speed and performance, adding a futuristic flair to the collection.

Adding an Italian touch to the collection is the Maserati MC12 Corsa, resplendent in a vibrant orange hue, standing as a testament to Maserati’s dedication to luxury and performance. The Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, an American supercar icon, represents the perfect fusion of power and style.

Beyond the spotlight-grabbing headliners, the collection boasts an extensive inventory of over 100 cars, each with its own unique narrative and place in the tapestry of automotive history. This expansive assemblage, aptly named the “IKONICK car collection,” transcends traditional car ownership; it is a curated celebration of automotive excellence, a symphony of roaring engines, and a showcase of craftsmanship that spans generations.

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The cars are not for sale but enquiries are welcome


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  • Price: €75,000,000
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